SOAR Support for Mental Wellness

SOAR has moved! We moved on June 23, 2021 to our new location at 4513 Milwaukee Street Madison, WI 53714-2132. Construction is ongoing and is scheduled to be completed mid-September. We are continuing to provide recovery oriented supports in the new location, even if a bit unfinished at this time. We appreciate your patience as the building is completed.

Support and Understanding

SOAR offers a full range of services, advice and referrals for adults with mental health or substance use concerns. For over twenty years, SOAR has helped consumers recover and develop their capabilities with Comprehensive Community Services, a Mental Health Outpatient Clinic, Case Management, Recovery Dane Information and Referral, Certified Peer Specialists, and the Solstice House Peer-Run Respite and Warm Line.

Solstice House Warmline

In an effort to support our communities as we navigate this trying time, Solstice House Warmline is once again 24/7! When you call, please leave a message with your name, phone number, and brief description of the support you are seeking. Please note, if you do not leave a message we cannot give you a call back! At times, due to increased call volume, it may take us a few hours to get back to you, but generally you will get a call back within the hour! The phone number is (608) 244-5077 and is open to any resident in Wisconsin!

REMINDER: When you receive a call back it may be from a private number if Covid precautions necessitate staff working off-site!

“Peer run respites give me a chance to get help when I feel like I might have a crisis. Since there is someone to talk to and it’s not just a place to stay, I can work through my problems that could lead to crisis.”

Peer Run Respite

“With the help of my case manager, I have been connected with a therapist, housing, and much more. I finally feel I can focus on my recovery 100%.”

Case Management

“With the help of Recovery Dane Services, I was able to connect with a peer who helps me focus on my recovery and apply for services that encourage me to live independently.”

Recovery Dane