Soaring Toward Health

Soaring Toward Health

SOAR was founded in 1997 with the hope of improving the lives of individuals living with serious and persistent mental illness.

SOAR's mission is to assist consumers in developing their capabilities, talents and aspirations in a culturally competent, trauma-informed and recovery-oriented manner. SOAR strives on building supportive relationships based on mutual trust and respect whiel providing a warm, welcoming environment.

Medical Director: Dr. Shelia Thakor, MD

Executive Director: Tracy Zemlo

Program Manager: Jessica Armbruster, LCSW

Clinic Manager: Greg DeZell, APSW

Registered Nurse: Larissa Gearing, BA-BSN

Project & Peer Program Director: Autumn Croft

Office Manager Kristy Strenz

PRR House Manager Caitlin Clifford