Soaring Toward Health

Soaring Toward Health

SOAR was founded in 1997 with the belief that mental health consumers can and will recover if given the tools to become self-sufficient and follow their hopes and dreams. SOAR's mission is to assist consumers in developing their capabilities, talents and aspirations in a culturally competent, trauma-informed and recovery-oriented manner. SOAR strives to build supportive relationships based on mutual trust and respect, and provide a warm, welcoming environment.

Medical Director: Dr. Shelia Thakor, MD

Executive Director: Tracy Zemlo

Program Manager: Jessica Armbruster, LCSW

Clinic Manager: Greg DeZell, APSW

Registered Nurse: Larissa Gearing, BA-BSN

Project & Peer Program Director: Autumn Croft

Administrative Assistant: Kristy Strenz