Wellness Studio / Recovery Dane Peer Support Groups

Wellness Studio / Recovery Dane Peer Support Groups

Wellness Studio / Recovery Dane provides various virtual Peer led support groups, free of charge, to anyone interested in joining! To reserve a spot in a group please call 608.513.3822 or email Wellness-Studio@soarcms.org at least one day in advance.

Coping with Anxiety and Depression On hiatus. Updates soon!
Day/Time: Wednesday at 7:00-8:30 pm and Thursday at 11:00-12:00
Description: We share our solutions in a respectful positive environment to life's ups and downs. Many of us have found mindfulness and meditation helpful and we typically do a 10-minute guided meditation towards the end of the hour. We work as a group to develop coping skills to manage and address life’s stressors.

Hearing Voices
Day/Time: Thursday at 2:00
Description: Hearing voices group is open to those who identify as, or those who are supporting, voice hearers. In this peer facilitated group we talk frankly and nonjudgmentally with one another about the experience of hearing voices. Together we share ideas, solutions, and goals. We are proud to be part of a network that stretches across 20 countries.

Writing Your Way to Wellness On hiatus starting July 8 & resume August 5
Day/Time: Friday at 3:00-4:15
Description: Writing Your Way to Wellness is a peer-led group using creative writing to cope with mental health and/or substance use challenges. We welcome those who enjoy writing and also those who have not written before. Included each week are various writing prompts accompanied by optional sharing. Come express yourself on the page and in an inviting, nonjudgmental community. Witnessing each other's creative words help us feel less alone. We believe every voice matters!

Day/Time: Bi-Weekly (2nd & 4th) Saturday's at 2:00 p.m. Starting Saturday March 12, 2022!
Description: Radiance is a bi-weekly peer support group that fosters communal empowerment for transgender and nonbinary people experiencing mental health challenges. Radiance Flyer .

Spanish Speaking Peer Support Group / Grupo de Apoyo Para Los Iguales
Day/Time: Tuesdays- Los Martes at 6:00-7:30 p.m. NEW DAY OF THE WEEK
Description Grupo de Apoyo de Pares para Hispanohablantes (Anfitriona: Emily). En este grupo confidencial, nos escuchamos y nos apoyamos mutuamente para enfrentar los desafíos de la vida con aceptación y compasión. ¡Todos son bienvenidos!
(Peer Support for Spanish Speakers (Host: Emily). In this confidential group, we listen and support each other in facing life’s challenges with acceptance and compassion. Everyone is welcome!)

The Care Exchange
Day/Time: Tuesdays at 12:00-1:00- starting May 24th!
Description: The Care Exchange is a peer-led support group that focus' on creating space for self-identified peer Care Workers to process their experiences and seek support. During our time together we will explore the impact of care work on ourselves, our community, share skills and self-care tools, and hold space for grief/trauma and the other complex feelings that may accompany being in a caring role/position. Care work itself is a rewarding experience that allows us to embody our passions to love and support our communities. Care work can be healing on an individual and community level. It can also be draining, resulting in burnout and compassion fatigue, which in turn can lead us to neglect ourselves. Care work also comes with the shared risk of vicarious trauma, also known as secondary trauma.